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Who’s Your Partner?

I’ve used this blog several times to talk about the need for fraternals to develop long-term partnerships with well-respected charitable organizations.  Or we need to align ourselves with specific causes in an effort to engage in sustainable and meaningful community service activities that resonate with members and deliver real value to individuals who need the help that only caring and dedicated volunteers can provide.  In fact, I’ve talked about this so much I’m starting to sound a bit “preachy.” 

So, instead of more platitudes on the topic, I’m asking you – NFCA members – to help me by providing examples of the partnerships you’ve created with groups in your communities.  I’ll let the rest of the fraternal world – as well as the broader universe of non-profit organizations – know about them by discussing them in future blog postings and talking them up at the various conferences and events at which I’m asked to speak.  Nothing succeeds like success, so let me know what’s working for you, and let’s spread the word so we can make it work for others.


Food For Thought

Here are links to just a few organizations that you might want to consider partnering with.  These groups are either already working with member societies or have expressed interest to me in developing partnerships with fraternals.

Special Olympics
Catholic Charities
United Way
American Red Cross
Salvation Army
Boy Scouts of America

Don’t Overlook the Power of the Media

While large-scale advertising is beyond the reach of many fraternals, positive public relations isn’t.  Check out this guest editorial on volunteerism from a recent edition of the Deseret News.  Does the author’s passion sound familiar?  I’ve certainly heard similar views from the many fraternals that I’ve visited over the past few months.  There is no reason that your society and/or individual lodges can’t place a similar piece in your local paper about a specific project in which you’re engaged.  Need some help in crafting messages or identifying the editorial page editor of the local paper?  Contact Rose Riccetti of NFCA at rriccetti@nfcanet.org and she’ll give you a hand.

See What Your Peers Are Saying …

Click on the following links to access clips of interviews and presentations from NFCA members participating in last week’s Illinois State Fraternal Congress meeting:

Cary Mentzer, Helen Gaydusek and Dan Wenzler – CSA Fraternal Life
Tom Adamson, Catholic Order of Foresters, President of the Illinois Fraternal Congress
Stuart Buchanan, Catholic Order of Foresters
Bruce Peterson, Royal Neighbors of America

Taking a Break

I’ll be on vacation next week, visiting our extended family on the West Coast.  I may post a few thoughts while I’m away, but I wouldn’t count on it.  In the interim, I’ll be looking for your comments on fraternal partnerships and will look forward to telling your stories when I return.

One Response

  1. At our 1997 National Convention, our members approved a national partnership with the Salvation Army and Ronald Mc Donald House. These organizations match extremely well with the elements of our common bond and allow for partnering on events in smaller, out-state towns where many of our members are located. This initiative compliments our local community service work very well and our members love it!

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