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9 Reasons Not To Miss the 2009 NFCA Annual Meeting

I know that I’m biased, but if you only attend one meeting this year, make it the NFCA Annual Meeting.  Here’s why…

  1. Value – No matter how you cut it, the NFCA Annual Meeting is a great value.  You’ll participate in four top-notch workshops (from a menu of 11 total offerings) and hear two incredible general session speakers – a total of six hours of education that would easily cost you up to $1,500 if purchased individually.  You’ll also attend a variety of Section meetings and be wined and dined at a host of special events, including the first of its kind welcoming reception hosted by NFCA’s Portuguese-based societies.  That’s a $2,000 value for only $550 (NFCA members).  You do the math.

  2. Great minds don’t think alike – You need new ideas, new solutions, and new methods to navigate your society through the tough times.  And the best way to get them is to interact with other fraternal professionals and experts facing similar challenges.

  3. It’s all about connections –If it’s not clear by now, it should be; your connections are the key to getting things done.  Whether you’re looking for a new IT vendor, sales and marketing ideas, or a strategic partner, you can be sure you’ll meet the right connection at the NFCA Annual Meeting.

  4. No time like the present –Wishing on falling stars or waving magic wands is not going to provide the solutions to the business and fraternal challenges we’re all facing.  It’s time to get engaged, get aggressive, and get strategic – and the NFCA Annual Meeting is the place to begin.

  5. No more exhibits!!! –This year instead of an exhibit hall, the NFCA Meeting will feature a limited number of corporate sponsors – people with products and services that can enhance your society’s bottom line – who you will be able to arrange to meet individually, on your own time, to discuss ways you can work together.

  6. Three days, three hundred ideas – Is one of those the “million-dollar idea” that can help energize your society’s insurance or fraternal operations?  You’ll never know unless you attend.

  7. Remember the Alamo –San Antonio is a great destination city with plenty of entertainment options along the city’s fabled Riverwalk.  NFCA Annual Meeting attendees will have the opportunity to spend a very special evening within the walls of the Alamo that features a cocktail reception on river boats from the hotel to the mission, behind-the-scenes tours arranged just for us, and a fabulous dinner in the courtyard.  It’s a one-of-a-kind event you won’t want to miss.

  8. Networking –It’s the fraternal industry’s favorite word, but never has it been more applicable.  The NFCA Annual Meeting brings together the broadest collections of fraternal executives from all aspects of the industry – executive, legal, fraternal, communications, operations, sales and marketing – for what amounts to a Turkish bazaar of an idea exchange. 

  9. NO CONSTRUCTION! – The hotel is less than two years old.  Enough time to work the bugs out, but not old enough to need renovation.  There won't be a hammer or hard hat in sight!!!

Register today and save $100.  Early-bird discount ends on July 1!!!

Join the conversation by adding your own reason to attend here…

One Response

  1. Joe – what a great itinerary your group has put together. No more booths?! Thank you!! There’s never enough time to network at meetings and your annual meeting is changing just that. And, great choice with the hotel and no hammers!

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