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Calling All Lawyers

Last week I had the opportunity to attend and the honor of addressing the annual meeting of the Association of Fraternal Benefit Counsel.  Now I've got to tell you, for this non-lawyer (although I was accepted to law school about 100 years ago, but decided to go to work instead), the prospect of spending two days with a room full of attorneys was not exactly something that made my heart flutter.

But I'll be honest; these were two days well spent. I had the chance to listen to several outstanding presentations on topics that, while they may sound dry, were actually quite interesting.  Updates on insurance product tax issues and annuity hot topics (suitability, agent sales materials, etc.) were particularly noteworthy.

Click on the following links to access PowerPoint presentations on regulatory hot topics and on legal issues that arise under fraternal shared service agreements.

Just as important as the presentations, however, was the chance to get to know the very smart and very dedicated legal pros, who are committed to making the fraternal system work better for the millions of members we currently serve and the millions more we can and should be serving.  Their ideas on cooperative relationships between fraternals, consolidation, political challenges, and regulatory opportunities will be critical to strengthening the overall system.  Thanks to Shea Doyle of Modern Woodmen of America for inviting me to the meeting and opening the door to more involvement with the staff attorneys and retained counsel that represent NFCA members.

Here's another meeting you may want to consider:  The Society of Insurance Research (SIR) Annual Conference addresses issues that have some appeal to life insurance pros, particularly those responsible for product development.

But don't let anything stand in the way of your participation in the NFCA Annual Meeting, September 17-19, in San Antonio.  Click here to take a look at the program and register online.  Quite simply, it's the best bang for your educational buck going, and the ONE meeting no member society can afford to miss.  Only two weeks left to take advantage of the early-bird discount, so register today!

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