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Seven Reasons Why Your Society Should Participate in the Heritage Labs Group Buying Discount Program

By now you’ve read the electronic announcement and may have even received the hard copy letter and marketing materials providing details about the NFCA’s new group-buying discount on lab services through Heritage Labs.  This program is just a small indication of the benefits that a cooperative shared-services approach can deliver to all NFCA members – large and small.  By combining the purchasing power of the fraternal system, we can command more respect – and lower prices – in the marketplace.  It’s certainly not a complicated theory, and we’re looking for other ways to apply it – such as purchasing office supplies, computer hardware and software, etc.  Here are a few reasons why your society should take advantage of the Heritage Labs program:

  1. A great product at a great price – Heritage Labs has an impeccable track record of providing high-quality lab testing services to life insurers (including many fraternals), and the NFCA program makes those services available to members at the lowest possible price.

  2. The opportunity to drive unit prices even lower for all fraternals – The more member societies that participate in the program, the lower the unit price for lab services that all societies will pay.  This is a classic example of helping others save money by helping yourself.  If societies with larger volumes of lab services direct even a portion of their business to Heritage, all NFCA members will benefit from lower per unit costs for lab services.

    (Click on photo to entlarge.)

  3. If you’re a Heritage client, you automatically get the lower rate – As I said, many NFCA members are already using Heritage for some or all of their lab services.  In that case, the group buying discount will be automatically applied to their August invoices.

  4. Signing up is easy – For those members who are not using Heritage Labs, signing up is a piece of cake.  Simply contact Heritage by e-mailing Tom Lambertz at tom.lambertz@heritagelabs.com and he will walk you through the process.

  5. It costs nothing to test the product – There is nothing in the NFCA program that requires you to use a particular lab services vendor.  But, even if you’re not a Heritage client, you might want to consider becoming one to compare their product and customer service support versus your current provider.  More fraternal volume equals lower prices for all, so even if you use Heritage for only a portion of your lab testing, you’re helping bring down the cost of such services for all your fraternal colleagues.

  6. You don’t have to cut staff to cut costs – So often member societies will reject the notion of cooperative services because it will require them to lay off staff.  But the Heritage Labs group buying discount program can lower the lab testing costs for many member societies overnight without any staff reductions or disruptions to your operations.  It’s a simple way to reduce overhead without reducing service.

  7. NFCA doesn’t make a dime on the deal – All the savings from the group buying discount program are passed on directly to members.  We negotiated the deal; it’s up to you to maximize its value.

You can learn more about the NFCA’s group-buying discount lab services program by speaking to the representatives from Heritage Labs, who will be attending the association’s Annual Meeting next month in San Antonio.  Attendees will be able to privately discuss the details in Heritage Labs' Gold Sponsor meeting room – Seguin B.

Have suggestions for other ways we can use the purchasing power of the system to help members?  I’d love to hear ‘em.  Share your suggestions with your peers by posting them below.  And let me know what you think of the Heritage Labs program while you’re at it. 

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