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Joe’s Special…

A mish-mosh of information, intelligence, and innuendo…

  • SPJST takes the lead on creating a monument to the victims of the Fort Hood shooting – NFCA member SPJST’s home office in Temple, Texas, is almost in the shadow of Fort Hood, one of the nation’s largest military installations and the site of one of our greatest tragedies—the senseless shooting of more than a dozen soldiers on November 5, 2009. The members of SPJST, many of whom live and work in the communities surrounding Fort Hood, are joining forces with the Killeen (TX) Civic and Conference Center to create a memorial garden to ensure that those who lost their lives that day will not be forgotten. SPJST and its members will contribute funds and volunteers to build the memorial, and the society is enlisting the support of businesses, public and private entities, schools, churches, youth groups, and everyday citizens for this ambitious project. If your society would like to learn more about and contribute to this worthwhile effort, simply log on to the SPJST Web site www.spjst.org or call Hiram Dixon at 254.231.7722 or 254.773.1575.
  • Tis the season for performance reviews – Many organizations (including NFCA) conduct annual employee performance reviews and make salary adjustments about this time of year. BoardSource has produced one of the most helpful resources we found for Board members to assess and support the CEOs of their organizations. We encourage you to check out this affordable toolkit and see if it might work for your society.
  • The assault on tax exempt organizations continues – Check out this story from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette (we also included it in last week’s “Weekly Headlines”). If nothing else, this proves that states desperate for money will look for additional revenue wherever they can find it. And the only way we are going to preserve our tax-exempt status is for us to effectively tell our story to public policymakers at every opportunity. ’Nuf said…
  • And speaking of news clips – Did you see this article from the most recent issue of Forbes magazine? What jumped off the page for me was the dramatic increase in the level of satisfaction for consumers who use the same provider for life insurance and retail banking. Now there’s an endorsement for NFCA’s cooperative experiment to bring co-branded banking services to your members through a fraternal-owned bank!!! What is your society doing to make life insurance sales different, fun, interesting? I’d love to hear them. Post your thoughts here…
  • On the bookshelf – I just finished “Traitor to His Class: the Privileged Life and Radical Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.” It was a monster – 800 plus pages – but well worth the effort, especially when we are going through such a similar debate about the appropriate role of the federal government in our lives. A side benefit of the book was the more defined biceps I developed from lugging it around airports for the past two months. I’m now reading “The Outfit,” the story of how the Chicago mob basically took over (and still runs) virtually every aspect of business and government in the U.S. A bit scary, actually, even for a guy who’s last name ends in a vowel. What are you reading these days? Post your recommendations here…

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