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Rose is Back and It’s Time to Blog…

Rose Riccetti (now Rose Riccetti-Andrikos) is back from her wedding in Jamaica and all that pent up blogging inside me can now be released once again on you poor, unsuspecting readers.  During this mini-blog break I’ve come across several articles that I thought you might find interesting.  Take a look at the quick summaries provided below and click on the links that suit your fancy…

  • Mid-term elections intensify the deficit theme This REPORT from our federal lobbying firm, McBee Strategic Consulting, highlights three events that will significantly impact the nation’s fiscal trajectory: 1) the mid-term elections; 2) the Deficit Commission Report; 3) President Obama’s FY 2010 budget.  Complex issues discussed in understandable terminology. 
  • Fraternals affected by more than just the tax-exemption issue – Check out this ARTICLE from the 10/3/10 Wall Street Journal.  The potential curbing of tax breaks on life insurance benefits is certainly on the top of the political agenda for our colleagues on the commercial insurance side of the business, but it may also have some impact on us too.  NFCA’s keeping a close eye on the issue and working hand-in-glove with the America Council of Life Insurers to make certain members of Congress understand the invaluable contribution that life insurance benefits make to the lives of so many Americans.  The other issue that’s tied-in to this: restoration of the estate tax – one of the primary motivators to purchase life insurance.
  • I am strong… I am invincible – Check out this ARTICLE from a recent issue of National Underwriter about the growing financial clout of women.  (A fact we’ve known all along in the fraternal system, right?)  What are you and your agents doing to tap this market – both in the way of sales and member benefits?  Share your stories by posting a comment.
  • The fraternal advantage – Here’s another ARTICLE from the same issue of National Underwriter that features an interview with the CEO of one of the most successful life insurers in the U.S., MassMutual.  Check out his response to the question about developing new markets.  The most fertile ground?  Women and multicultural markets.  My goodness, doesn’t that sound like common bonds we should be capitalizing on!!!
  • Join a fraternal and live a longer and happier life – And finally, here’s another ARTICLE highlighting the benefit of belonging to a fraternal that we should be trumpeting to the world: people with friends, family and community involvement live longer and happier lives.

My next posting will be a spaghetti western – good, bad, and ugly – and will feature reports on some fantastic developments with NFCA members supporting the National Military Family Association, a report on next week’s NAIC meeting, and disappointing news about a member society’s failed attempt to modernize its bylaws.

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