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Now, therefore, be it resolved…

I try my best not to make promises I can’t keep.  That’s why New Year’s “resolutions” are at the top of my “greatest waste of time” list.  Besides, those of you that knew me more than 20 years ago (or heard others recount some of the legendary stories from that period) are fully aware that my life over the past two decades could be considered a resolution.   And for the blessings given to me during that time I am truly grateful.

My spouse, of course, is a big fan of resolutions.  (They say opposites attract and we are the perfect example of that axiom.)  Maddeningly, she not only makes them every year, but KEEPS THEM, TOO!  And, being a supportive partner, I frequently get dragged along for the ride… er, I mean I try to help her accomplish her goals.

First, it was successfully completing a triathlon.  Yep, Mr. “Can’t Swim Unless His Life Depended On It” managed to thrash and splash his way to the finish line.  And, yep, she beat me.  This year it’s “hot yoga” (at least they don’t keep score), so when you see me at the Section meetings this spring I’ll be able to do a downward dog with the best of them.

New name no joking matter…

But all kidding aside, there is one resolution I plan to make good on in 2011:  I’m going to do everything I can to maximize the value of our new American Fraternal Alliance name and make sure our most important audiences of state and federal public policymakers, opinion leaders in the media, and the millions of people that aren’t aware of who we are and what we do (but should be) hear our message.  That’s a tall order and it will certainly require more than a one-year commitment.  More importantly, I’ll need your help to accomplish it.

This week, every member society will be receiving a host of materials to help you spread the news about the American Fraternal Alliance name change to your employees, your members, your local media, and public policymakers with whom you have a relationship.  I hope you’ll utilize those tools and add a link to our new Web site (www.FraternalAlliance.org) from your home page that proudly displays your association’s new name and logo.

American Fraternal Alliance staff will be working hard over the next few months to make sure we get the word out about the new name – and the real social and economic value that fraternals deliver to America and Americans – to those folks who need to hear it.  The first phase of our efforts will culminate with a reception for members of Congress and their staff on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, May 3, 2011.  This event will be held in conjunction with the Presidents Section meeting, and I hope every member society CEO will mark his or her calendar so you can be a part of this historic occasion.

Value-added membership benefits…

The entire staff of the American Fraternal Alliance also pledges to make membership in the association more valuable than ever this year – by defending our tax-exempt status in the states or in Washington; delivering the highest quality educational program and networking opportunities; providing you information that helps you benchmark your organization’s performance;  offering you access to group purchasing programs for professional liability insurance, office supplies, and other products and services; and constantly seeking out new opportunities to provide you more and better value-added services.

Here’s to a great 2011 for each of you and for the American Fraternal Alliance.

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  1. Love the new website. So clean and modern looking!

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