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If we can make it there, we’ll make it anywhere…

Bet you never thought you’d see your association’s name up in lights in the Big Apple.  But check out this photo to see the American Fraternal Alliance’s name and logo shining brightly in Times Square.

We distributed the news release on the new name to the national news media through PR Newswire.  As part of that arrangement, we received a banner placement on the famed news ticker in the heart of Manhattan.  Just one more small step in our effort to spread the good word about fraternals to folks across the U.S.

You can help us communicate with an even more important audience…

While a little free publicity in Times Square is a nice perk, the meat and potatoes of our communications plan is built on one-on-one contacts between fraternal executives and public policymakers – the people that will decide the fate of our tax-exempt status and our ability to carry out our unique financial and social missions.  You can play a key role in that effort by attending the 2011 Presidents Section Mid-Year Meeting, May 1-3, in Washington, D.C.  Section meeting participants will spend the afternoon of Tuesday, May 3, on Capitol Hill visiting with their Representatives and Senators.  Fraternal Alliance staff will handle all the arrangements for the meetings and will make sure you are well prepared with both messages and handout materials.  That evening the Fraternal Alliance will host a reception on Capitol Hill to formally introduce our new brand to members of Congress and congressional staff.  It promises to be a one-of-a-kind event and we’d love to have a representative – a CEO, senior executive, or Board member – from every member society be there.  So mark your calendar today and look for registration materials coming your way in February.

And that’s not all…

The congressional visits and Capitol Hill reception are integral parts of this year’s Presidents Section meeting, but there’s much more to the event that makes joining your colleagues in D.C. important to you and your society.  We’ve already confirmed the participation of three terrific speakers:  Dr. Richard Parrott, who’ll help you maximize your leadership skills; Doug Guthrie, Ph.D., dean of the George Washington University School of Business, who’ll share his views on the direction of the economy and the increasingly important role non-profit organizations are playing in it; and Phillip Swagel, Ph.D., professor of business at the University of Maryland and author of the study that examines the economic and social impact of the fraternal activities of Thrivent and the Knights of Columbus.  The Presidents Section officers are assembling a world-class program, making this year’s meeting a “can’t miss” event for all fraternal CEOs committed to improving their personal skills and enhancing the performance of their societies.

Fraternal Alliance membership can now save you $ on hundreds of items you purchase for your business every day…

Every society – and every agent, local lodge, and individual member, for that matter – purchases office supplies.  Even in today’s “paperless” environment, you just can’t get by without notebooks, file folders, highlighters and dozens of other items we take for granted.  We also probably take for granted what we pay for those items.  Now, Fraternal Alliance members can not only save money on these purchases and printing services, but earn rebates for their society by participating in the association’s new “purchasing cooperative” program through Office Depot.  You may have noticed the Office Depot logo on the Fraternal Alliance’s new Web site. If you haven’t, just click on this link.  We’ve made it as easy as possible to participate.  Just choose whether you want to shop online or in one of Office Depot’s retail stores, and register via the appropriate link.  Best of all, the program is open to all member societies, captive and independent agents, local lodges, and individual members.  You’ll be hearing and seeing much more about this and other Fraternal Alliance cooperative programs in the coming weeks.  But here’s an easy way to start saving money and earning rebates TODAY!  I’d love to hear what you think about this new member benefit – and hear your suggestions for other ways we can make your membership in the Fraternal Alliance more valuable to you.  Post your comments here…

One Response

  1. As a long time friend of Fraternals I am excited about the programs you have initiated. Congratulations!

    John La Macchia

    (Retired Actuary for several Fraternals during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s)

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