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Alliance Members Speak Out

The results of our annual Membership Satisfaction Survey are in and more than half of our member societies let us know what they thought the Alliance was doing well, where they thought the organization could improve, and what they’d like to see from their association in the future. The complete survey results will be posted to the Alliance Web site next week, but here is a quick overview of the key findings:

Overview of Respondents…As usual, we organized respondents into five groups based on asset size. This allows us to determine the value different sized members place on the association’s products and services, and provides insight into ways we can provide or modify benefits to fit the needs of specific societies. Overall, 35 societies responded to the survey. While that’s a large enough group to make the findings statistically accurate, we would really like more member societies – particularly those with less than $150 million in assets – to complete the survey so that we can get a better understanding of what they want from their association and develop more effective ways to meet those needs. A snapshot of the survey respondents follows:

Group A – $2 billion +, 3 of 5 societies responded
Group B – $400 million to $2 billion, 8 of 10 societies responded
Group C – $150 million to $400 million, 10 of 17 societies responded
Group D – $50 million to $150 million, 4 of 16 societies responded
Group E – less than $50 million, 10 of 22 societies responded

Survey Highlights:
• 100% of respondents would recommend membership to others.
• 97% Agree or Strongly Agree that membership is a good value of the price.
• 82% are Completely Satisfied or Very Satisfied with the association’s overall performance.
• 91% are Completely Satisfied or Very Satisfied with the developed public policy positions that preserve the fraternal tax exemption at the state and federal levels.
• 86% are Completely Satisfied or Very Satisfied with staff performance, an increase over the previous year.
Members are more satisfied now in these areas than in the previous year:
• Performance in implementing public policy positions.
• Performance in providing education.
• Performance in utilizing and encouraging member input.
• Serving as an industry leader and spokesperson.

Interesting Observations:
• Increased importance is now placed on representation of fraternal issues and interests at the state and federal levels over the previous year.
• Much less importance is placed on JOIN HANDS DAY promotion than the previous year.  Fewer societies participate and find benefit from participating.
• Less importance is placed on the annual financial analysis and the RBC workbook products than the previous year.
• The President’s Blog is read on a regular basis by 94% of respondents.
• There is a high level of unawareness of or lack of participation in board member education.
• There is a lack of awareness of many membership programs (Professional Liability through Calsurance; Marsh; ReadyTalk).

Group Observations:
• Group A highly values advocacy and industry information.
• Groups A and B value meetings and networking more than the other groups.
• Group B and D value education more than the other groups.
• Group C and D are not as satisfied with the Annual Meeting or the Section Meetings as the other groups.
• Group C – Values publications more than other groups.
• Group D – Values legislative and regulatory updates more than other groups; reads the publications more often than other groups.
• Group E – Is not as consistent about what it values in membership or about how satisfied it is in the association’s performance as the other groups.
These potential programs are of high interest to the membership:
• Board of Directors Self-Assessment Tool (20 societies of various sizes show interest).
• Agent Training Online Module “fraternal refresher course” (18 societies of various sizes show interest).
• Compliance Service (16 societies in Groups B-D show an interest).

Does Dilbert work for a fraternal???  

Check out the Alliance’s latest PodcastsClick here to hear interviews member society executives and other industry leaders conducted at the recent Inter-Company Marketing Group (ICMG) Annual Meeting. To learn more about ICMG, check out their Web site.

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