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Action Creates Clarity

That’s the mantra of one of the Alliance’s most popular Annual Meeting, speakers, Peter Sheahan.  And if you loved his presentation last September, and his best-selling book, Flip, chances are you’ll want to be among the first to buy his latest tome, Making It Happen: Turning Good Ideas Into Great Results.  Have you put one or more of Peter’s ideas to work in your society or your life?  Share those ideas by posting a comment here…

And we’ve got another great speaker line up for 2011...
Frank Luntz, the nation’s premier pollster and image builder will be featured at the 2011 Alliance Annual Meeting (watch for registration material in the next week or so).  He’s also written a recent best-seller – Win: The Key Principals to Take Your Business from Ordinary to Extraordinary.  Here’s a look at Luntz’s “11 Phrases for 2011″…

  • ‘Imagine’ is still the most powerful word in the English language because it is inspiring, motivating, and has a unique definition for each person.
  • ‘No excuses.’ Of all the messages used by America’s business and political elite, no phrase better conveys accountability, responsibility and transparency.
  • ‘I get it.’ This explains not only a complete understanding of the situation but also a willingness to solve or resolve the situation. It’s short, sweet and effective.
  • ‘If you remember only one thing…’ is the surest way to guarantee that voters will remember the one point that matters most to you. This is essential in complicated situations like the upcoming debt ceiling vote.
  • ‘Uncompromising integrity.’ Of all the truthiness words, none is as powerful as ‘integrity,’ but in today’s cynical environment, even that’s not enough. People also need to feel that your integrity is absolute.
  • ‘The simple truth’ comes straight from billionaire businessman Steve Wynn, and it sets the context for a straightforward discussion that might otherwise be confusing or contentious.
  • ‘Believe in better’ comes from BSkyB, the satellite television provider owned in part by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. empire. Of all the corporate mission statements of the Fortune 100, ‘believe in better’ is the second-most popular – and it applies to politics as well.
  • ‘Real-time.’ This is not a pitch for Bill Maher. Many Americans were furious that they couldn’t get the details of the health-care legislation in a timely fashion. ‘Real-time’ communicates receiving information at the speed of life.
  • ‘You decide.’ No, this is not paying homage to Fox News. The lesson of 2010 is that Americans want control of their lives back and they don’t want Washington or Wall Street making their decisions for them.
  • ‘You deserve.’ This comes from DNC Chairman Tim Kaine and it was first employed by him in his highly praised 2006 SOTU response. It tells voters exactly what they should expect from their politicians and their government.
  • ‘Let’s get to work’ was employed by Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) in his successful campaign. No other end-of-speech rallying cry is more motivational to voters.

What once was old is new again…
Have you ever heard of a “benefit corporation?”  Well check out this article and tell me it doesn’t sound like a fraternal.  Here’s the quote of the day:  “This is a great model.  It leverages all the power of capitalism – the value proposition to clients and job creation – and it also has a community impact.”

We’ve been doing this for over a century!  It’s time somebody noticed!!  Maybe we should TELL PEOPLE!!!

Is state regulation federalism at its best or worst?
Industry analyst and blogger extraordinaire John Lobert weighs in on his latest posting.  Click here to read more…

Are you ready to compete in a no-frills life insurance world?
This March 12 Wall Street Journal article by Leslie Scism should be a “must read” for any fraternal executive.  I know simplified term life goes against the time-tested theory that the only “real” insurance is whole life sold through an agent, but as our products get increasingly “commoditized” we have to consider offering consumers the type of protection they want (simple, low cost term coverage) in the way they want to buy it (online).  Wouldn’t it be better – and easier – to “upgrade” the coverage for these new members if they purchased their first policy – even a simplified term policy – through the fraternal’s online portal?

A final thought – don’t forget to register for the March 24 webinar on annuities. I have been privy to the planning process between our two presenters and can attest they really know their stuff.  I have heard Tony Minopoli of Knights of Columbus speak and he is excellent. Chuck Ritzke of Problem Solving Enterprises brings his actuarial knowledge and will provide some great case studies.  Click here to register.

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