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Easily digestible bite-sized chunks…

I’ve got lots of good information to share with you, so rather than cluttering things up with a long narrative, let’s cut to the chase – and the links…

Shameless self-promotion… The Alliance received another nice public affairs boost with the publication of THIS ARTICLE, entitled “Fraternals: a valuable partner for producers” in Life Insurance Selling magazine.  The editor of the magazine is quite interested in learning – and writing – more about fraternals for a special September issue on “The Future of Life Insurance.”  And, since his headquarters is in Denver, he’ll be at our Annual Meeting later this year.

Speaking of which… I know you are all preparing to attend one or more Section Mid-Year Meetings in the coming weeks, but online registration for the 2011 Annual Meeting is up and running.  It promises to be a good one – maybe one of the best – with outstanding speakers and networking opportunities, so reserve your spot today and reward someone on your staff with a trip to the only meeting of its kind, dedicated to all facets of the fraternal industry.  Have a “younger” person on your staff?  Then be sure to take advantage of our NEW Young Professionals rate and save $150 off the regular member fee.  (And now for the fine print… you must be born after September 1, 1976, and an Alliance member to qualify.)

On the topic of education… A.M. Best is conducting an April 14 Webinar on the “State of the Life and Annuity Sectors.”  Whether your society is rated by Best’s or not, might be worth a look-see.  Click here for more information… (If you’re not already a member/subscriber to A.M. Best, you’ll have to sign up first, but it’s free to do so.)

Debating the Depression… Check out this article featuring an interview with Amity Shlaes, author of “The Forgotten Man,” a wonderful read about the Depression era and the impact – or lack thereof – of FDR’s “New Deal,” the series of programs that dramatically expanded the government’s footprint and, at least in some folks’ eyes, reduced Americans’ self-reliance.  Some interesting comments about fraternals in here, too.

AARP under fire… AARP, the venerable group that represents seniors, makes millions selling them association-sponsored insurance products and services, and organizes them into one of the most effective political lobbies in the country (especially on issues such as health care and Social Security) is taking more than a little heat from members of Congress.  This article from National Underwriter explains why…

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