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The Face-to-Face Social Network…

There’s a lot to be said about the instant (and seemingly constant) exchange of information that electronic communication affords us.  Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, texts, or even “old-fashioned” email, the ability to stay in touch with friends, co-workers, colleagues and competitors allows us to get more done in less time (even though it seems that this technology allows us to work more and relax less). 

But all the gadgets in the world can’t substitute for a handshake, a hug, a look-you-in-the-eye, “sit-down” meeting where you and your peers can speak candidly and confidentially about the personal and professional challenges you and your societies are facing …and what you’re doing to serve your members and the community and grow your business.  Combine these “face-to-face social network” opportunities with educational sessions designed to address the most compelling operational, financial, and political issues confronting fraternals, and you’ve got…


This year’s meeting is a little later than usual – September 29-October 1 – but we’re just three weeks away from the July 31 “early-bird discount” deadline.  We’re already well on our way to record attendance at the meeting, and you can ensure your place at the table for the lowest possible price by clicking on THIS LINK and registering today.

Denver is the host city for the meeting – which no doubt is contributing to the large number of early registrations we’ve received – and the program is second to none.

Keynote speakers include Joe Coughlin, world-renowned futurist from MIT, Frank Luntz, most widely recognized pollster in America, and one of the fraternal industry’s favorite sons, Danny Cummins, president and CEO of Woodmen of the World/Omaha. 

And what about the Workshops? You’ll learn how to more effectively market financial services products to women – one of the most important sectors of our business; how to build cooperative business models that will allow small fraternals to generate the economies of scale enjoyed by much larger competitors; how to navigate an increasingly complex regulatory environment; how to make the right IT decision; and much more.

One of the featured workshops will present the results of consumer focus groups and national polling research to be conducted by the Alliance this summer.  You’ll gain invaluable insights into what words and messages about the fraternal concept resonate with consumers.  This research alone is worth the price of admission and perhaps even the cost of your entire membership! 

There is NOTHING like an Alliance Annual Meeting!  But you’ll never know how valuable it is – or how much you’ll miss – unless you register.  See you in Denver.

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