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The Alliance is on Facebook!

You probably saw the announcement that was sent out yesterday regarding the Alliance’s new Facebook page: www.facebook.com/FraternalAlliance

So why have we joined the millions of others on Facebook? Well, because everyone else has… and it’s growing every day.

That’s not to say that if everyone else jumped off a bridge, we would, too. But social media… love it or hate it… use it every day to update your “friends” on the exciting details of your day… or ignore it altogether… either way, we know it’s here to stay. And now, with Google Plus, there’s even competition for Facebook thrown into the mix. But it’s early yet and too soon to tell how Google Plus will fare against a Goliath like Facebook.

I have mixed feelings about Facebook and social media myself. If I haven’t talked to someone in 20 years, it probably means that I don’t want to… and I don’t want them coming around and trying to be my “friend.” But at the same time, I can see its many benefits and uses for our members and your society’s members. It gives all of us a way to listen and talk to one another that we never have had before.

Facebook states that they’re about “giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.” Well, that’s exactly what we’d like to do for you… our members. Give you the opportunity to share and connect with one another.

What about the other Alliance social network? Well, our members-only social networking site should still be used for any private conversations you may want to have about sensitive topics, such as legal and compliance issues. Unlike Facebook, this site can only be accessed by members of the Alliance.

As your association, we plan on using social media tools to influence policy makers for the protection of the tax-exempt status of fraternals, to guide fraternal leaders to increase their growth and sustainability, and to raise local awareness for the community service achievements that fraternals lead. In addition, we hope to connect with other volunteer organizations, community leaders, and the media who may give additional exposure to the volunteer efforts led by fraternals. This strategic plan includes this blog, our private social network, Facebook… and in the next couple months, an active Twitter account.

Many of our member societies are already on Facebook and are doing a great job using this tool to actively engage their members. Check out the following for some examples of what fraternals and other nonprofits are doing:

The Independent Order of Foresters
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Lions Club International

I hope you’ll use the new Alliance Facebook page to ask questions, make suggestions, get problems resolved, and tell us how we can improve our services and products.

As always, stay connected… and tell us what you think!

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