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Shout outs…

In the wake of credit rating downgrades, a stalled economic recovery, and a free-falling stock market, here are a few items that will give you a smile and reinforce your faith in the fraternal system…

Turnaround Tip-of-the-Hat… Check out this article from the August 5 Milwaukee Business Journal on Catholic Financial Life’s remarkable progress since the “merger made in heaven” took place last year. Congratulations to Bill O’Toole, his management team, and the society’s forward-thinking Board for their courage in taking on this challenge and emerging a stronger, healthier organization.

Playground explosion… Foresters’ partnership with KaBOOM! continues to pay dividends for both organizations and, more importantly, for the children and families that benefit from the society’s focused fraternal activities. Check out this news release describing the duo’s latest effort in a suburb of Denver – site of the 2011 Alliance Annual Meeting – and you’ll see why providing your member volunteers a little direction can generate greater participation and more effective community service activities.

Public policymakers know a good thing when they see it…  Check out this letter from the Illinois State Representative Tom Cross to the secretary of the National Mutual Benefit branch in his district. There’s no shame in letting state and federal lawmakers know the good works we do in their backyards every day of the year. Fraternalism is non-partisan and appeals to legislators on both sides of the aisle. Letting them know who we are and what we do is the best way to ensure that our tax exemption remains in place so that we can continue to carry out our social and business missions.

Speaking of good works… Fraternals play a major role in responding to natural disasters, and Catholic United Financial has stepped up its disaster relief efforts in the upper Midwest by formalizing a “Traveling Angels” program that combines the financial resources and organizational capabilities of the society’s home office with the hands-on commitment of its local lodge network. You can learn more about how it works by clicking on this Web site.

Got a great story to share with your peers? Post it here, on the Alliance Facebook page, or on one or more of the Shared Interest Group social networks on the Alliance Web site…

One Response

  1. Lots of good info here, JOe. Thanks for the reference to our disaster relief efforts. We’ve been in the Minot area for the past two weeks and it’s been a positive, and heart-breaking experience. Fraternals do great work!

    Kathleen Moriarty
    Fraternal Director
    Catholic United Financial

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