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Things to do in Denver…

The Alliance’s Annual Meeting begins next Thursday in Denver, so I thought I’d prepare a list of some of my favorite things to do in the Mile High City. My wife and I lived there for two years, right after we were married in 1981, and on a recent visit we found…that almost all of our favorite places have been bulldozed and rebuilt as something new! The city has undergone a transformation in the past decade, from its incredibly large airport (which I’m pretty sure is located in Kansas), to sparkling new sports arenas for its major league teams (when we lived there the baseball team was minor league and the NHL team was known as the Colorado Rockies), to a downtown that’s full of great restaurants and night spots. So, here are a few things to add to your “to-do” lists while you are in town…

  • Get some cowboy boots – Shepler’s was one of my favorite stores when we lived in Denver and, believe it or not, it’s still there! Go get yourself some cowboy boots and a big Stetson to wear to the Welcome Reception on Thursday evening or the Installation Banquet on Saturday night.
  • Tour Coors Field – The Rockies’ season is over and the Broncos are on the road, but you can check out a red bike at the nearest B-cycle stations and pedal to Coors Field for a tour of the ballpark.
  • Pretend you’re Jack Nicklaus – Golf balls travel a lot further when you tee them up at more then 5,000 feet above sea level. See how far you can drive your Pro-V1 at one of Denver’s many local golf courses. Unfortunately, the altitude will not improve your putting…
  • Mangia bene – Yes, Virginia, there are Italians in Denver. And when they’re hungry, they go to Panzano to sit near the open kitchen and watch the chefs in action.
  • Hug a tree – Head to the Denver Botanic Gardens to check out the local flora and fauna, and while you’re there take in the exhibit featuring sculptures by Native American artist Allan Houser.
  • Into the wild – If you’ve got a taste for wild game, there’s only one place to go: the Buckhorn Exchange, Denver’s oldest restaurant. You can always count on elk and bison steaks being on the menu, and if you’re lucky there might be a fresh shipment of quail (lots of little bones to work around), alligator tail (tastes like chicken!), rattlesnake (tastes like quail without the bones), or rocky mountain oysters (do not taste like the Gulf Coast variety).
  • Tell Your Story! Brian Anderson, editor of Life Insurance Selling magazine, will likely be covering the Alliance’s Annual Meeting for his magazine, one of the most popular publications in the industry. Click on THIS LINK to read the article I penned for the September issue that focused on the future of life insurance. Take five minutes while you’re at the meeting to let Brian know how your society is reinventing itself for the next generation of members.

See you in the Mile High City next week!

3 Responses

  1. Thanks, Joe! Sounds like fun. I love b-cycle. I wonder if my San Antonio pass will work in Denver?

  2. You also need to remember, Denver is called the Mile High City for a reason. Altitude is a littly over 5200′ . So slow down for the first day. Humidity is also very low. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Beautiful country!

  3. A trip to Tattered Cover Book Store is well worth the time and effort. If not the best, it must be in the top ten of the world book stores and I am from Portland Oregon which has Powells!

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