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The Alliance’s Annual Meeting is here – and I hope you’ll be there…

The Alliance’s Annual Meeting begins on Thursday in Denver and, based on the large number of registrants – 50 out of the Alliance’s 72 member societies have at least one executive attending the meeting and nearly 400 member society representatives, associate members, and guests are registered – if you’re reading this post, I’m likely to see you in person in the Mile High City later this week.

There’s not much more to say about the meeting, except that since almost the entire Alliance staff will be working the event, you won’t see any further blog posts this week. I’ll provide a quick recap of the conference – and provide instructions as to how you can access copies of all the speaker presentations – when I return to the office on October 3.

Until then, there is one meeting coming up next month in Chicago that you may want to consider attending – the Knights of Columbus “Sustainable Investments” conference. As you know, the Federal Reserve’s latest move to stimulate credit for consumers and businesses, known as Operation Twist, could keep interest rates at historical lows for years to come, creating a problem for life insurers whose investment portfolios can’t keep pace with the obligations they have accumulated from torrid sales of annuities and life policies over the past few years. No one is suggesting Twist will put insurers out of business, but it is exacerbating a problem that they have been contending with since the financial crisis of 2008.

In response to these challenges, the Knights of Columbus, one of the Alliance’s largest and most financially sound member societies, is hosting a “Sustainable Investments” Conference in Chicago on Thursday, October 13, at the Intercontinental Chicago Magnificent Mile Hotel, located at 505 North Michigan Avenue.

Broadly defined, “sustainable investing” is an approach to financial investments which aims to achieve competitive returns by investing in companies that adhere to a high standard of environmental and social responsibility, and operate with a framework of strong corporate governance. Ultimately, investing in companies that manage fairly, adhere to ethical standards, respect the environment and operate by strong social and governance principles can lead to a portfolio that is well-diversified, lower-risk and able to achieve excellent returns.

The Knights of Columbus will cover all the organizational costs for the conference, so there will be no registration fee for the one-day program. All Alliance member society CEOs, investment managers and actuaries are encouraged to attend. To register, please contact Joanne Maturo at (203) 752-4385 or joanne.maturo@kofc.org.

See you in Denver!

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