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Bits of tid

Here are a variety of items from “above the fold” headlines to member society news releases to a chapter for academia that I thought might interest to you…

  • Alliance’s branding effort featured in Association ForumThe story behind the transformation of the National Fraternal Congress of America to the American Fraternal Alliance is featured in the latest issue of Association FORUM, the magazine for trade association professionals in the Midwest. You may all be familiar with the results of the effort, but this extensive profile provides some interesting insights into the courageous action to spur this initiative taken by key leaders on the Alliance’s Board and the hard work that a handful of member society communications professionals put into creating the new brand. It’s a great story – and wonderful exposure for the Alliance within the association community.
  • Cooperation’s the key – Check out this news release highlighting the cooperative “Cell Phones for Soldiers” community service effort of four of the Alliance’s Polish-based societies. This type of collaboration highlights how just a little cooperation can go a long way. What’s next guys?
  • MOB scene – I came across some interesting history I wanted to share with you about the cooperative, mutual and fraternal insurance movement written by Prof. Johnston Birchall at the University of Stirling in the UK in his book ¨People Centered Businesses: Cooperatives, Mutuals and the Idea of Membership¨, which was just published this year. While Prof. Birchall´s book focuses on all kinds of member-owned businesses (or MOBs as he says), he has dedicated an entire chapter on insurance MOBs with quite a bit on the friendly society and fraternal movement in the U.S. which the American Fraternal Alliance represents. Attached is Chapter 4 entitled ¨Consumer-owned insurance providers.¨  Understanding and telling our story, knowing the history, where we come from, and what we have become today will also help us all better understand where we are going (or need to go) in the future. Our unique history is one of our most interesting legacies and assets – hope you find it as interesting as I did!

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