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Membership has its benefits: 3 just for you

Membership in any organization – including your own society – has both responsibilities and benefits. I’ll talk about responsibilities of membership in the Alliance (serving as a member of the Board, a Committee, or a Task Force; recruiting co-sponsors for our Congressional Resolution, etc.) in a future post. But today, let’s focus on the benefits – the programs, products, and services you can only get from one source: the American Fraternal Alliance. Here are three that are ringing members’ bells these days…

Measuring and Managing Financial Performance – By now each Alliance member society has received its individual financial analysis – the annual report the Alliance provides each member free of charge that measures the organization’s performance on 11 key ratios and compares those results to other fraternals of similar size and a “control” group of small to medium-sized commercial insurers. Year after year, society leaders tell us that this management tool is one of the most valuable benefits of membership in the Alliance. This year we’re enhancing this product by conducting a Webinar that helps executives better interpret their society’s report and more effectively explain the implications of their scores on solvency and growth projections to their Board members. The Webinar features Gary Strohm and Heather Hafeman of Strohm Ballweg, the consulting firm that prepared the individual reports, and Craig Van Dyke, senior vice president and treasurer of Western Fraternal Life Association. The Webinar is scheduled for Monday, June 18 at 2:00 p.m. CDT. The registration fee for the Webinar is only $99 and you can have your entire executive team participate for that one low price – a truly great value. To learn more about this program and register for the Webinar, click here.

Fraternal Compensation: A One-Of-A-Kind Study – Competitive compensation packages are one of the most important factors in recruiting the best and brightest to your society. Sure, fraternals present a unique opportunity for those individuals who want to combine a business career with a social mission, but you’ve still got to offer salary and benefits that make it attractive to top-tier candidates – and keep your current key performers in place. There are plenty of formal compensation surveys out there, but NONE of them provide any specific information on the fraternal industry. Except, of course, the Alliance’s “Fraternal Compensation and Employee Benefits Survey Results.” The 2012 survey, conducted by the Ward Group, one of the most respected firms in the research business, examines the management practices and compensation structure of dozens of Alliance member societies and provides comparative information to help you make your society more competitive in the human resources arena. In addition to salary and benefits ranges for a variety of key positions in a fraternal, the study contains useful information on employee turnover, salary increases and freezes, and incentive compensation. The study contains benchmarks by region, by the number of full-time employees, and by societies’ asset size so you can be assured of comparing your society on an “apples-to-apples” basis. Want to purchase your copy of this one-of-a-kind survey? Just click here for details.

Annual Meeting Early-Bird Registration – C’mon, you know you’re going to attend the Alliance’s 2012 Annual Meeting. So why not join the nearly 100 other early-bird registrants and reserve your space at the lowest rate possible? Jim Collins, James Carville, Mary Matalin, workshops galore, community service, a $149 rate at the Ritz-Carlton – and all in one of the most unique cities in the world, New Orleans. You don’t want to miss this one. It’s easy to register, just click here.

But I want to hear what you think… Every member-society president recently received our annual Member Satisfaction Survey. This is your chance to let us know how we’re doing, where we can improve, what membership benefits are most valuable to you, and what products and programs we should consider developing. Responses are due Friday, June 8, and we plan on presenting preliminary results to the Alliance Board of Directors on June 14. So if you haven’t already done so, please take the time to fill out this short, but very important, online survey. We’ll post the complete survey results – and how we plan to address the issues raised by members – in a special Bulletin later this summer.

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