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Knowledge, baby, it’s just a click away

More than 400 individuals from Alliance member societies and associate member organizations attended the 2012 Annual Meeting. And I’m guessing that there are several thousand folks who would have liked to benefit from the outstanding educational program offered at this year’s meeting, but just couldn’t get there.

Well, now you can. We can’t provide the face-to-face networking opportunities that members tell us is such an important part of the Annual Meeting. But we can offer you and your whole staff access to workshops and presentations that you missed or that you feel others on your team would benefit from. Our new Online Learning Center synchronizes the videotaped workshop presenters with their PowerPoint presentations to bring you as close as you can get to actual attendance. Once purchased, any employee at your office, any lodge leader, or any board member can access these sessions easily and at the location of their choice, after you provide them with the log-in information.

And the cost for these one-of-a-kind “fraternalized” educational programs is affordable to every Alliance member. The whole package of 11 workshops, including the Board Institute (a six-hour program on good governance practices) and a special presentation on the results of the Alliance’s consumer research project, is only $600. You can access individual sessions for as low as $99 each.

For less than $100, you can test one of the sessions, and if you like the virtual format and content, you can purchase the whole package. It is simply the most cost-effective way to deliver the highest quality, fraternal-specific educational programs to your entire staff and leadership teams around the country.

Want to learn more? Just click here and order your first workshop today.

Good ideas from member societies

I loved these and thought you would, too. Enjoy…

UCT Gives Back Contest
CLC’s “Sharon Says” article

Heard on the air

While driving to work this week, I heard a story on NPR stating that nearly 1/3 of American homes are now multi-generational, with either adult children (who are struggling to find good-paying jobs in a down economy) or grandparents (whose retirement nest eggs were severely damaged over the past five years) moving back with the parents or children. This is the largest number of multi-generational households since the 1950s. Are there opportunities for renewed fraternalism out there? Three generations of one family participating in a community service event, for instance? What do you think?

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