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Never underestimate the power of community


Steven G. Reindl
VP Operations & Corporate Secretary
National Mutual Benefit

Last month, in a guest blog, we heard from Jackie Felling about the reasons why she tries to never miss a Presidents Mid-Year Meeting.

This week, Steve Reindl, Vice President of Operations and Corporate Secretary of National Mutual Benefit, provides us his take on the benefits of attending the Fraternal Operations Mid-Year Meeting, sponsored by the Secretaries/HR Section. Steve is Chair of the Secretaries/Human Resources Section Advisory Council and has been a great volunteer for the Alliance.


Thank you, Joe. I second Jackie Felling’s points on the reasons for attending. First, and foremost, is the opportunity to pick the brains of others about the issues we all have in our societies. We are all separate and distinct organizations but we face many of the same problems, no matter our size. We all worry about the success of our lodges, for their ability to be a positive influence in their communities to attract new members. Is there a way to keep members engaged even if they don’t attend meetings? What will our home office administration look like in ten years when retirement looms for so many? The chance to hear others say what has worked and what hasn’t in their societies saves us time, funds and really gets the creative juices flowing. Also invaluable is making connections that open up opportunities throughout the year to help solve mutual issues.

The past few years have seen an unbelievable surge in changes in regulations that affect every aspect of our operations. Who had heard of cyber liability seven years ago? Are we handling the unclaimed life insurance benefit requirements in the most cost-effective way possible? Having experts offer their take on the best way to incorporate new systems to help us cope with these changes is well worth the minimal registration fee.

And coping with the changes in technology can become a full-time job for any secretary, operations manager or human resources director. There are so many products to catch up on that are available to help in running our operations, either new products, changes to existing products or new ways of using products. And what lies further down the road? Do we invest in new systems now or wait for the next best thing? Hearing from speakers and vendors about what is coming in the future that can assist us is the best preparation.

Wow, with so many questions, the Fraternal Operations Mid-Year Meeting can’t come soon enough. Anyone involved in running the day-to-day business of your society is invited, and encouraged to attend. It’s a small investment of time and money that will pay off handsomely.

On-line registration is available for both the Fraternal Operations Mid-Year Meeting, sponsored by the Secretaries/HR Section (April 6-8), and the Presidents Mid-Year Meeting (April 7-9). As usual, these meetings overlap and are held at the same location – the  Crystal City Marriott in Arlington, VA (right across the river from Washington, D.C.). And don’t forget about the discount if you attend both meetings! See you all in Washington.

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