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Bits of Tid…

Take what you need and pass the rest on to others who may enjoy them…

  •  Governance Graduate School – I believe the following to be true: 1) education is a life-long process; 2) good governance is essential to excellent decision-making and a common characteristic of every successful organization.  If you agree, then I would strongly encourage you to register for the Alliance’s Board Institute Master Class.  It’s the follow-up program to our Board Institute program, in which hundreds of fraternal executives and board members have participated over the past three years.  Essentially, it’s a graduate course in good governance for fraternal leaders who are serious about improving their societies’ decision-making process and charting a course to a successful future. We’ve expanded our faculty to offer an unbelievably qualified team of experts – including three top-notch fraternal leaders from Catholic Financial Life – on strategic planning, enterprise risk management, financial oversight and other issues critical to fraternal boards of directors and have scheduled a one-day program in the Chicago area on June 5, 2013.  This is not a program of “platitudes and clichés.”  The planning sessions for this workshop indicate that this is going to be an extremely valuable way to help you fast-track changes in your governance practices. For those located in the Illinois and the surrounding states, this session is about as cost-effective as it gets. You’ll walk away with ideas and information that can be put to work at your next board meeting – and will serve your society well for years to come. Want more information? Glad you asked. Just click here to view the full program, faculty, and register on-line.
  • FaithLife Financial Cartoon No Joking Matter – Check out this marketing video from the folks at FaithLife Financial. I can’t think of enough adjectives to express my joy when I watch this piece. It communicates the fraternal concept to younger consumers in a way that’s relevant to them, useful to their field force, and YouTube ready. And that slogan – “Built for people, not for profit” – is priceless. Hats off to the creative team at FaithLife!
  • Fraternal and Communications Section Meeting Delivers Inspiration – I have a soft spot in my heart for this Mid-Year Meeting because it was the first one I ever went to after joining the Alliance in 2008. And for the sixth consecutive year, I walked away from the meeting inspired with a renewed faith about the durability of the fraternal business model. The Fraternal and Communications Section is by far the “youngest” of the Alliance’s Mid-Year Meetings; it seems that the entry point for many in our business is through the fraternal and communications door. And the older I get, the more jazzed I become by the energy of the young people that are taking over leadership roles for these duties in Alliance member societies. My biggest take-away from this year’s meeting? The pushback from some of the younger fraternal and communications executives to the discussions about “obstacles to success” and “pain points” preventing societies from moving forward. It’s not that these folks don’t recognize what they’re up against – it’s that they want to focus on the positive results they are achieving in their own societies and build on those successes. We see obstacles, they see opportunities. It’s…inspirational.

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