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The Alliance Annual Meeting: You know you’re going to register, so why pay more by waiting?

The 2013 Alliance Annual Meeting is going to knock your socks off. That’s a promise. You’ll walk away from this event a better leader thanks to the insights provided by keynote speaker John Maxwell. Your board members and executive team will come back home better informed and better equipped to deal with issues from energizing your local chapter system to dealing with unclaimed property audits thanks to the best lineup of workshop topics and presenters we’ve ever assembled. You’ll leave Florida inspired by what fraternals can accomplish in the community service arena thanks to Craig Kielburger’s luncheon address. And you may even become an official “Parrot Head” thanks to the Saturday celebration (no speeches, just fun) featuring the Caribbean Chillers, one of South Florida’s best Jimmy Buffet tribute bands.

Come on, you know you’re going to register. And by doing so before July 15, every one of your society’s board members and executives will save $100 on the registration fee. Compare the value of attending the Alliance’s Annual Meeting – the only conference that brings together North America’s top fraternal leaders to address fraternal-specific opportunities – with other industry trade groups’ meetings and I think you’ll agree that at $600, it’s the best education and entertainment bargain in the business. And don’t forget, your young professionals receive an extra $100 discount, but only until July 15. Registration couldn’t be easier – just a few clicks and you’re signed up. Or call (815) 338-9668 for assistance in registering larger groups from your society.


More words that don’t work…

I heard this flight attendant announcement prior to departure on a recent flight:  “There are four bathrooms on this Airbus 320, two in the front of the cabin and two in the rear.  Please use the bathroom in your section, and please don’t conjugate in front of the bathrooms during the flight.”  Sister Mary Isabel, the world’s greatest 4th grade English teacher, must have turned over in her grave.  In order to honor her memory, I walked up to the bathroom during the flight with pen and paper in hand, and began writing “I am… you are… he/she/it is…”  When the flight attendant asked me what I was doing, I told her I was conjugating in front of the bathroom.  She failed to see the humor, but I know that I made one nun in heaven smile.

One Response

  1. OMG! Mrs. Kautz and Miss Peters from my school days are also rolling over in their graves! And I’m still laughing with tears in my eyes!

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