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    Going Out with a Bang! – by Jonathan Gadbois

    After the hustle and bustle of the meetings was over, it was time for attendees to relax poolside for the evening’s beach party. The Alliance listened to meeting evaluations from previous years and decided to ditch the pomp and circumstance of a formal banquet, instead opting for a more casual beach party. I, for one, am glad they made this decision! The event was laid back and relaxed and everyone I talked to was grateful for the Alliance’s decision to forego the formalities of past years.

    jonEveryone had a wonderful time at the event and it was great to see members of different fraternals interacting and enjoying each other’s company. We even enjoyed a fantastic Jimmy Buffet cover band and were able to get fun pictures taken at a photo booth! After the different meetings and workshops, the party offered all of us a chance to catch our breath and have a little fun before returning home to implement all the different things we had learned at the meeting.

    I again want to thank the Alliance for the opportunity to blog the 2013 Annual Meeting and I thank you for following along. It truly was an honor to be the guest blogger. I also want to thank my society, National Mutual Benefit, for allowing me the time to attend; it really meant a lot. Lastly, I want to thank my fiancée, Katie, for attending the meeting with me and helping me craft all of the blogs, I couldn’t have done it without her!

    I cannot recommend this event enough and I feel very grateful for getting the chance to attend. If you ever have the opportunity to attend any of the events the Alliance holds throughout the year, I suggest that you do so. There is always something to learn and it can only help to be on the cutting edge of all things fraternal-related.

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