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Strategic Goals for 2014

Developing an effective Strategic Plan for the Alliance – one that personifies our mission statement, challenges the abilities of staff and volunteer leaders, and delivers meaningful results to members – is one of the most important tasks of the organization’s Board of Directors. The Strategic Plan is both a roadmap to accomplishing the Alliance’s most important goals, and a report card on which the Board and the members will measure our effectiveness.


For 2014, your Board of Directors has developed a Strategic Plan that sets forth both long-term and short-term operational, advocacy/policy, and member services goals that will make membership in the Alliance more valuable to every society, no matter how large or small. Moreover, the Board has established well-defined metrics to evaluate our progress in accomplishing these goals and to alter our course should external environmental factors change during the course of the year.

In an effort to make members more aware of the Alliance’s most important Strategic Goals for 2014, here’s an overview of some of the initiatives likely to impact you and your society in the coming months:

  • Implement “Strategic Alignment” of Alliance Board, Committees, Task Forces, and Working Groups to better fulfill the organization’s Mission Statement – We’ve already formed new “Strategic” Board Committees on “Advocacy and Policy” and “Education, Information, Member Benefits” and are in the process of creating new Task Forces and Working Groups to facilitate more efficient development of policy positions, more effective advocacy activities, enhanced educational offerings, and improved member benefits. Equally important, we’re undertaking this project to improve engagement of member society representatives in Alliance activities and identify and recruit future volunteer leaders. (Click here to view the new organizational chart for the Board, Committees, Task Forces and Working Groups.)
  • Develop policy positions that will guide the Alliance’s advocacy efforts on key fraternal/life insurance industry issues – The bottom line is that the Alliance can’t be an effective advocate for its members unless it knows exactly where it stands on the most compelling issues facing fraternal life insurers, including solvency regulation, corporate governance, taxation, unclaimed property and fiduciary standards.
  • Promote the value and viability of the fraternal tax exemption to state and federal public policymakers through proactive direct lobbying by staff and retained advocates; grasstops efforts by executives of member societies; grassroots initiatives involving member society employees, agents and local chapter leaders; and fundraising efforts to support fraternal champions in Congress – This is an “evergreen” goal; one that will be included in every Strategic Plan and one you can count on the Alliance to always defend.
  • Develop and support state legislative and regulatory initiatives that enhance the financial strength and reputational integrity of the fraternal business model; defeat legislative and regulatory measures that undermine the viability of the model or place fraternals at a competitive disadvantage in the marketplace – You’ll notice this is primarily an “offensive” goal. We need to take the lead on initiatives that make membership in fraternals more attractive to the next generation of consumers.
  • Implement an advocacy campaign in conjunction with the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association to enhance awareness of fraternals among Canadian members of Parliament and federal financial services regulators – With regulatory initiatives in Canada having an increasingly larger impact on U.S. regulation, efforts to enhance awareness of the Canadian fraternal system becomes even more important.
  • Expand educational and informational programs and products to engage new levels of society employees or constituents by offering targeted programming which align with the mission – We’re responding to member demand by working to create programs such as:
    • Fraternal Board Member Certification Program.
    • Fraternal Volunteer Institute.
    • Social Media Study Group.
  • Develop and implement a fraternal chapter reporting website (FraternalsGIVE.org) to capture key community service and member benefit activity metrics – One of the best ways we can promote the valuable impact that fraternals make through their community service efforts is to make it easier for societies and local chapters to report these activities. In 2014, we’ll launch a new online portal that member societies and their chapters can subscribe to which will streamline the reporting process and improve the quantity and quality of information we compile on this important aspect of our business model. (Click here for more information on this new member benefit and check out the January dates for the webinars that we will conduct to provide all the details of FraternalsGIVE.org.)
  • Assist interested groups to form new societies and promote the relevance of the fraternal business model to other organizations that could benefit from the creation of a new fraternal benefit society – If we believe in the fraternal system, then we should be willing to help others create new societies for individuals who share common bonds that are as meaningful in 2014 as the traditional bonds of faith, ethnicity, occupation and gender were in 1914.

Want more details on the Alliance’s 2014 Strategic Plan? Send an email to jannotti@fraternalalliance.org and I’ll be happy to share the full document with you.

One Response

  1. I like this post – I hope I can print it for my society.
    Cy Firgens

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