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Video Guest Blog – Presidents and Fraternal Operations Mid-Year Meeting Speaker On Fraternal Trends

It’s been a busy winter here on the blog. I’ve covered topics ranging from the serious issues of tax reform and unclaimed property regulations to the Alliance’s advocacy efforts in Michigan to the world of pop culture with my well-received post on Bob Dylan.  I guess I’ve had a lot to say. (What else is new?) With this post, however,  I am going to take a break and turn the reins over to a member of the Alliance staff.

Just recently, we were thrilled to announce that Alliance Executive Administrator Andrea Litewski would be moving into the new role of Manager, Education. With the Alliance’s emphasis education, we needed a professional dedicated to planning the many webinars, workshops and programs covering a wide variety of topics that are so beneficial to our members. We knew that, given Andrea’s educational background and proven ability to work with people, she would be a good fit for this position. So to kick-off her first blog post in her new position…take it away Andrea!

Litewski newThanks Joe! As this edition’s guest blogger, I will try to maintain the high bar that you’ve set for blogging quality.

As the new Manager, Education for the Alliance, part of my job is to help develop the programming for our Mid-Year and Annual Meetings. Right now, we are in the process of planning and executing eight different educational events that will all take place before the end of June. As you can imagine, due to this schedule of events, things are a little crazy at Alliance Headquarters. The entire “small-but-mighty” staff pitches in and works together to produce these highly successful educational opportunities for our members. In my time with the Alliance, one thing that has always impressed me is the quality of the speakers and content at our meetings.

This week, I am going to give you a preview of one of these speakers who will be presenting at our upcoming Presidents and Fraternal Operations meetings in Savannah, Heather Hafeman of Strohm Ballweg, LLP. Heather’s presentation, Financial Health of the Fraternal System Report will provide our annual overview of the fiscal “state of the sector.”

We caught up with Heather recently for a video interview and are pleased to provide that for your viewing pleasure.

Our first question was: “In your work with fraternals over the past year what trends are you seeing?”

We then followed-up by asking: “What do you see coming down the road for the fraternal sector?”

Be sure not to miss Heather’s presentation in Savannah. As our e-mails have been stressing for weeks the 2014 Presidents and Fraternal Operations Mid-Year Meetings are just better together. Plan now to register for both meetings and save $180!

Click here to register today or here for more information!

We hope to see you all in Savannah!

One Response

  1. This looks to be one of the best sessions at the Mid Year meetings! I may be a little biased, but I wish I could be there to hear about the state of the Fraternal system once the year end financial results are tallied. Always interesting to hear, and very useful information as each society benchmarks itself against the best.

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