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Raising Our Awareness on Capitol Hill

The Alliance devotes a good bit of its resources to ensuring that its members’ voices are heard on issues important to fraternals on Capitol Hill and in state capitals from coast-to-coast.  The Alliance retains professional advocacy counsel in Washington, D.C., and as necessary at the state level.  In addition, Alliance staff members dedicate a significant percentage of their time to state and federal advocacy initiatives.

But the cornerstone of our political advocacy program is YOU!  While your trade association’s full-time advocates can present lawmakers with a wide variety of facts, figures, logic, and reason that support our policy positions, the impact of those efforts are astronomically increased when they are backed up by messages from constituents “back home.”


Beginning on Monday, March 9, the Alliance will kick-off “Fraternals GIVE Back,” the biggest grassroots political advocacy initiative we’ve ever attempted.  This web-based campaign is designed to make it easy for member societies to have their most important audiences – executives and board members, employees, field representatives, local chapter leaders, and rank-and-file members – send a clear and consistent message about the value of the fraternal business model to their Representatives and Senators.  With just a few clicks you will be able to send a personal message to your legislators and provide them information about the impact of fraternals in their home state and nationally.

Our goal is 100% and 100,000 participants.  We want EVERY Alliance member society to participate in the program, and we want at least 100,000 separate messages sent to members of Congress.  Moreover, we want EVERY member of Congress to receive at least one email from a fraternal representative.  The six-week campaign will end on April 17 – right before Alliance member society executives come to Washington, D.C., for a series of Capitol Hill visits with legislators and their key tax staff.

But the program will only succeed if every member gets engaged.  We’re counting on you to promote participation in the program through emails to your society’s key audiences, articles in your newsletters and magazines, and presentations at local chapter meetings and agent gatherings.  If you need help in planning your outreach strategies or would like more information on how your society can more effectively motivate its members to contact their lawmakers, just send me an email at jannotti@fraternalalliance.org and we’ll contact you with some suggestions.

In addition to raising awareness of fraternals among Representatives and Senators, “Fraternals GIVE Back” has another goal: to generate as many co-sponsors as possible for the Alliance-sponsored House Congressional Resolution 19 in support of America’s fraternals.  The Resolution, whose lead sponsors are Rep. Ron Kind (R-Wis.) and Rep. Erik Paulsen (D-Minn.), was first introduced in 2012 and, thanks to the efforts of Alliance members, resulted in almost 60 Representatives on both sides of the aisle signing on as co-sponsors.  With the introduction of H. Con. Res. 19,  and our goal is to generate 100 co-sponsors.  The sample letter to House members on the “Fraternals GIVE Back” web page will include a specific request to become a co-sponsor of the Resolution.

We hope you view participation in this initiative as NOT OPTIONAL – and that it is part of your responsibility as an Alliance member.  We’ll keep you posted on our progress throughout the campaign and highlight those societies that generate the greatest number of participants.  Get ready…get set…

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