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We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

Last week was “file purge” week at the Alliance.  Cabinets full of paper were either sent to the shredder or preserved for legal or historical purposes.  In the process, we discovered some interesting artifacts from the not-so-distant past that evoked a chuckle or two from the longer-tenured members of the Alliance staff.  Among the relics was a promotional flyer for an Alliance (nee NFCA) Annual Meeting that contained a David Letterman-like “Top 10” list of reasons that that year’s event would be the best ever. We still love Top Ten Lists. We use them all the time, especially in promoting our meetings, and we include one or two pretty funky reasons to spice them up a bit.  This one struck our funny bone since it made no mention of the real reasons people typically attend our Annual Meeting – which is to network with their peers and receive some top-notch educational programming.

David Letterman

Here’s that ancient list; see what you think:

10.  The hotel has recently been remodeled.
9.  The Human Resources Section is meeting for the first time.
8.  Fraternal Night does not have a buffet this year.
7.  The Friday night tour will serve wine.
6.  Free eats and drinks at the Opening Reception.
5.  We’ll salute a wonderful couple on their retirement.
4.  Three airports to serve you.
3.  Free ice cream and caricature artist on Thursday.
2.  Ethnic entertainment adds color to the Grand Banquet.
1.  After 113 years, we finally know what we’re doing.

Now, not discounting the value of free food, wine, and multiple airports, I think the quality of Alliance meetings has definitely improved since this event.  With education-driven goals in mind, we like to think our annual meetings give our members what they need.  But rather than list the top 10 reasons that I think our meetings are the best in the business, I’d like to hear why you take the time and make the effort to attend.

Please share here or email me your contributions.

3 Responses

  1. And did you “party like it’s 1999?”

  2. But seriously, we’re attending more Alliance events this year because creating personal relationships in these environments is more enjoyable, fulfilling and rewarding than simply advertising in a magazine. The sessions and speakers are also very inspiring.

  3. Education, Education, Education. The sessions have been top notch!

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