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Final Push for Fraternals GIVE Back Grassroots Campaign

Finishing line

Did you know that credit union members who are called on to participate in grassroots campaigns:

• Become more aware of the importance of their organization’s tax-exempt status and the need to protect and promote it;

• Become more effective advocates for their organization not just with members of Congress but within their own communities;

• Purchase more products from the organization that asked them to participate in the campaign?

It’s true.  And Ryan Donovan, chief advocacy officer for the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), will discuss other positive aspects of engaging members in grassroots political campaigns during his presentation at next week’s Alliance Executive Summit in Washington, D.C.

But credit unions aren’t fraternals…

Before you send me that email, I understand the difference between fraternals and credit unions.  We have unique missions, histories, and operating philosophies.  But our organizational structure and tax-exempt status are not exactly “apples and oranges” either.

When it comes to advocacy and grassroots engagement, there are some lessons that we can learn from one another.  And the knowledge that politically engaged credit union members also purchase more products and services from that organization should set off bells and whistles in the offices of fraternal executives everywhere.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?  “Members” (of fraternals or credit unions) theoretically have a greater affinity with the organization than a “customer” of a commercial bank or insurance company.  If that affinity is real, then those members will understand that they are stakeholders in a political debate and not only participate in the process, but are also more likely to be more engaged in the activities of the organization – from purchasing products to participating in community service activities.

So here’s your chance…

With one week left in the Alliance’s “Fraternals GIVE Back” campaign, we are within striking distance of our two primary objectives:

1) Have every member of Congress – all 435 Representatives and all 100 Senators – receive at least one email from an Alliance member society executive, employee, agent, local chapter leader, or member.  358 Representatives and 98 Senators Contacted Through April 10

2) Have every U.S.-domiciled Alliance member society have at least one executive, employee, agent, local chapter leader, or member send an email to a member of Congress.  48 Societies Have Participated Through April 10.

We’re almost there and it’s so easy for member societies and all the individuals that are affiliated with them to participate.  Just send an email with this link to everyone at your society with an email address and ask them to let their U.S. Representatives and Senators know about the value and viability of fraternals.  It takes someone with even the most rudimentary computer skills less than two minutes to participate in the campaign.  Not only will you be helping to protect and promote the fraternal tax exemption, you’ll be building a more loyal membership base for decades to come.

So do it.  Right now.

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