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Grab Bag…

Grab bagThis week’s posting is a smorgasbord of tasty treats culled from a variety of news sources.  I wanted to share them with you before they got stale. Enjoy…

Think fraternals aren’t innovative?  Think again.  Royal Neighbors’ “Promise Plus” was named Most Innovative Product by National Underwriter Life & Health.  Click here to learn more about the product and how it ties in perfectly with Royal Neighbors’ mission of empowering women…

By 2025 – just 10 short years from now – millennials (the generation born after 1980) will make up 75% of the world’s working population.  No wonder businesses are pulling out all the stops to attract these consumers.  Click here to read a piece written for “Voice” magazine (the official publication of the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation) by Matthew Crowley of Thrivent Financial on why millennials are so important to the future of your society and how we can make our business model work for them…

Consolidation among fraternals is happening and will continue to happen.  It’s an inevitable evolution in our sector of the business – a business that requires economies of scale in order to invest in technology, distribution, and product development needed to reach the millennials described in Matthew Crowley’s article.  But consolidation isn’t limited to fraternals. Check out this article outlining the four key reasons nonprofits should consolidate – and some of the major obstacles to consolidation – and see if any of them ring a bell for you…

The women’s market for life insurance is big, lucrative, and underserved, according to Michael Ross of Cornerstone Financial Group.  And if you remember, the results of the Alliance’s consumer research shows that the fraternal model has an exceptionally well-defined appeal to women.  Are you letting your field force know about this?  Need a copy of the survey results to refresh your memory?  Just email me at jannotti@fraternalalliance.org and we’ll send them to you.

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