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The Days of Miracles and Wonder

miraclesThere are times in the dog days of August where just getting out of bed and getting to work seem like a challenge. The surges of excitement and energy that the Alliance’s Annual Meeting provides me are just a few weeks away, but getting from here to there can harsh my buzz. And then, just when it seems like I can’t find one more idea for a blog posting, Alliance member societies come through with innovative and inspiring activities that lift my spirit and remind me why I love what I do for a living. Here are just a few of the most recent examples that members have shared with me:

  • While at a recent meeting with Michigan Department of Insurance officials, Woman’s Life CEO Chris Martin told regulators that the organization was founded by women in the 1880s because, up to that point, women had been considered “uninsurable” because they so frequently died during child birth. A few decades later, Woman’s Life played a key role in securing women’s suffrage. After hearing that story, I spent the rest of the week on top of the world knowing that I had the privilege of representing a society that is a pioneering force in American society.
  • GBU Financial Life is kicking off a new charitable giving program called “Making a Difference Once Member at a Time.” GBU will make a $25 donation for each new life insurance certificate or annuity contract purchased. Members will be able to select the organization that received the donation from one of eight GBU-approved charities. What a great way to tie financial security and support for worthy causes – two cornerstone principles of the fraternal system – together. Click here for the donation form.
  • Royal Neighbors of America CEO Cynthia Tidwell was among “25 Super Successful Leaders” from a wide range of industries who were asked to provide advice to millennials in a recent issue of Inc. magazine. Nice to see a fraternal executive included in this distinguished group of business leaders. Moreover, her succinct counsel can be applied to almost every Alliance member.
  • Western Fraternal Life’s “Kids Against Hunger” food packaging event was recently featured on local television . The event, held in conjunction with the society’s convention (how’s that for a way to inject new life and purpose into such a meeting!) brought together members of all ages and reportedly inspired several local chapter leaders to do similar projects in their communities.

Need more innovation and inspiration? Check out this video that highlights some of the presenters at the 2015 Annual Meeting’s “Innovation Forum.” There are no “buzz harshers” in this group. I can’t wait to see these young professionals in action. If they are the future of the fraternal system, we’re in good hands.

Want to share a little inspiration with your peers?  You can do so by attending the Annual Meeting.  And you can also post a comment or a link to here or on one of the Alliance’s social networks.  See you in Indy!


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