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Alliance social networks: a place to share information – and stir the pot…

Every day more fraternal executives are using the Alliance’s social networks to share ideas and information on topics from corporate governance best practices to community service activities and everything in between.  9_Social-Networking-1024x682

In case you didn’t know, the Alliance hosts 23 social networks on its web site.  They are shared interest groups composed of CEOs, actuaries, fraternal directors, compliance staff and others.  They are a cool, modern, dare I say, a “millennial” way for members to communicate with each other without setting up meetings or teleconferences.

Associate Members of the Alliance are also active participants on these networks.  Allen Bailey, the CEO and Founder of Allen Bailey and Associates, an actuarial and consulting firm that works with more than a dozen Alliance members, has pioneered a new use for these social networks – stirring the pot and stimulating conversation on topics that many within the fraternal community choose to ignore. Issues like unnecessary insolvencies and their impact on certificate holders, the society itself, and the reputational integrity of the fraternal system.

Allen – an individual who has earned a well-deserved reputation for both integrity and outspokenness – tackles all these issues in a White Paper he recently posted to our social networks entitled “Preparing for Failure.”  Whether you agree or disagree, whether you think they apply to your society or not, Allen’s views on the current financial woes of one small society and the potential for a rapid downward spiral of other fraternals (not all of them small) are worth reading. 

The Alliance Social Community can be found on the Alliance website under the Member Center tab which appears once you log in with your ID of your email address and, unless you have changed it, the introductory password of Password1. To download it, join the Fraternal and Communications group and go to Resources, where Allen posted White Paper: Planning for Failure. (Click here for a step-by-step guide to the Fraternal and Communications Group.)

You can share your thoughts on the paper by posting a comment here, or sending me a private email at jannotti@fraternalalliance.org.  You can also discuss them with the folks from Allen Bailey and Associates at the Alliance’s 2015 Annual Meeting, September 10-12, in Indianapolis. 



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