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A Whole New Resource for SFA Leaders

Alliance-Social-CommunitiesThis week, the Alliance rolled out an all new package of resources designed to make life just a little easier for the volunteer leaders of State Fraternal Alliances. The wide ranging array of information is posted on the Alliance’s web site’s State Fraternal Alliance Community making it more convenient for SFA leaders to both access the data and documents posted to the resource center, and to share ideas and anecdotes about effective SFA organization and management. (Your email is your ID for the log-in and Password1 was the introductory password.)

The resource center includes items such as:

  • IRS documents regarding exempt requirements and business activities of 501(c)(6) organizations. All incorporated SFA’s should be organized under this section of the U.S. Tax Code and those that are not incorporated – or that have not renewed their corporate filing – should operate under these provisions.
  • IRS resources (webinars, phone forums, and subscriptions) providing a wealth of information about compliance with non-for-profit organization regulations.
  • Filing tips and instructions for Form 990-N
  • Rules and regulations on fundraising campaigns
  • Background information on Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) exposure

And the list goes on…

The Alliance compiled this data and placed it in a central location to provide SFA leaders a “one stop on-line shop” for all their information needs. Since SFA leaders are all volunteers and officers and board members rotate frequently, we thought it important for the Alliance to offer a clear and consistent source of information that can be counted on by SFA leaders for years to come.

I’d appreciate your feedback on the SFA Resource Center after you’ve had a chance to review the content. Please let me know how we can improve the organization of and access to the on-line materials, and help provide SFA leaders more and better information to manage their organizations.  Post a comment here or send me a private email at jannotti@fraternalalliance.org.


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