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“In order to be great, you really only have to be mediocre because everyone else is terrible.”

Guest blogger Nate Lamusga of Catholic United Financial here again from Indianapolis, IN.  Those are sage words of wisdom from un-marketing guru, Scott Stratten at the Alliance Annual Meeting. Here are my top 5 takeaways from his keynote presentation on unbrandingunmarketing, and unselling. 
1.) Branding is always changing.  It’s not stagnant.  Everyone involved organically affects the brand.  When someone sees your logo, they immediately recall their most recent experience or the most extreme experience.  Or, as Joe Annotti says, maybe they see your logo and don’t think anything at all because they have no idea who you are or what you do.  As a result, your company brand is completely driven by the experiences people have with those representing your company and changes by the second. 
2.) Viral marketing evokes emotion.  Social media tools are available to provide customer service, have conversations, make connections and build community.  If you’re using social media only to push out marketing messages, you’re doing wrong. If you check your mail more often than you look at your social media accounts, you’re doing it wrong.  Engage with people on a personal level and a quick response shows that you care.  Think about whatever makes you say “wow” and share that.  Branding takes place in real time and it’s unfortunately run by companies only part-time.  This part of his presentation also kindled in me a new-found love for whoever runs Taco Bell’s twitter account: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/28/taco-bell-tweets_n_4856259.html. 
3.) The reality is that while we live in an ever-changing world, the basics of sales and marketing remains unchanged: It’s about trust, relationships and great service.  Find out where your clients are in terms of loyalty.  Are they static, ecstatic, or are they vulnerable?  Ask them what you need to stop doing, what you need to start doing, and what you need to do differently.   
4.) Negative reviews and complaints can evoke myriad responses.  Really, these are just tremendous opportunities to be awesome.  Here’s an example of FedEx being terrible: https://youtu.be/PKUDTPbDhnA and then awesomehttps://youtu.be/4ESU_PcqI38 
5.) I’m definitely going to check out Scott’s Unpodcast and so should you: http://www.unmarketing.com/category/podcast/ 


One Response

  1. Great takeaways, Nate!

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