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Meet Some Great Fraternalists

Nate Lamusga of Catholic United Financial here again, guest blogging from the Alliance Annual Meeting in Indy.

One of the great components of the Annual Meeting is the networking and sheer quality of the people you meet.  This is a fantastic group of super-smart people who genuinely care about others.  It’s ingrained in the culture of the industry and, frankly, it’s what attracted me to the fraternal business in the first place.  This concept is never more evident than in the awards ceremony for Fraternalist of the Year and the International FIC of the Year.  I’d like to take a moment to recognize those recipients in this post:

2015 Fraternalist of the Year
Congratulations to Evelyn Magarban, Volunteer Regional Leader for the Supreme Council of the Royal Arcanum in Bayonne, NJ.  Evelyn is a great example for all of us in her exceptional service, summed up so well in the video link here.  In some ways, she is like so many of our volunteers in that being recognized for her work is not a motivating factor; she doesn’t like the spotlight and is used to being behind the scenes.  But after seeing the impact she’s had on those around her, how can you not take a moment to step back and say, “thank you”?

(L-R) Thomas Smith, Knights of Columbus; Joe Martinez, FFMA; Doug Supak, International FIC of the Year; Polly Supak; Joe Annotti, Alliance Chair of the Board Harald Borrmann

International FIC of the Year
Doug Supak from the Knights of Columbus in LaGrange, Texas, is “a true man of faith and family. See a video tribute here.  Doug shared a story in his acceptance speech that clearly demonstrated what makes him an exceptional, not just salesman, but person. He had everyone captivated as he recounted an experience trying to sell a term life insurance policy to a farmer who didn’t see the value.  Doug was persistent and eventually was able to demonstrate how this policy was a good idea since the farmer’s wife stayed home with the kids and he was the sole income provider.  When the farmer passed away of a surprise heart attack a short while later, this cemented the idea for Doug that what he does is so much more than selling life insurance.  For me, as Director of Member Engagement, it fostered a deeper appreciation for what our sales reps do.  Congratulations, Doug!  Thank you for being a great example of fraternalism.

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