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A fall cornucopia of ideas and information…

I’ve been meaning to share these items with you for a while now, so here’s a bundle of little gifts to kick off the holiday season…cornicupia

  • Insurance Disrupted – Insurance industry leaders will hear from dozens of executives from Silicon Valley “start-ups, venture firms, and innovation labs” at the Disruptive Leadership Summit on November 19-20. Alliance staff will participate in this event – electronically, of course – as we try our best to learn more about everything from “engaging digitally empowered insurance customers” to “big data and analytics.” This might be something that executives – or millennials – from your society would like to attend.
  • Bob Dylan’s Guide to Being a Better CEO – Loved this piece in a recent issue of Forbes and thanks to Harald Borrmann of Catholic United Financial for sending it to us. “And I’ll know my song well before I start singing.” Thanks, Bob!
  • Google Has Always Been There – At least three times this past weekend my wife and I used Google to verify the facts of whatever we were discussing, whether it was a supporting actor in an old movie or her nephew’s high school basketball schedule. Each time this happened we asked ourselves, “What did we do before Google?” Well, according to the Beloit College annual “Mindset List,” the current crop of college freshman NEVER ask that question because they’ve never known a world without the search engine.
  • Friends in High Places – This may be old news to some of you, but in case you missed it in Weekly HeadlinesI wanted to make sure it got reported here, as well. Eivind Heiberg, president and CEO of Sons of Norway, has been named the new Honorary Consul General of Norway for the State of Minnesota. Eivind will be working with the Norwegian government to facilitate the development of commercial, economic, cultural and scientific relations between Norway and the upper Midwest. Congratulations, Eivind! Lutefisk for everyone!
  • An Easy Way to Collect Email Addresses – Karen Deschaine of Woman’s Life provided us a copy of this stuffer that they use to collect email addresses from their members. Gathering email addresses is increasingly more important for fraternals as it allows societies to communicate with members on a cost-effective basis and provide them the opportunity to send members electronic links on important initiatives – like the Alliance’s 2016 grassroots campaign to secure 100 co-sponsors for our congressional resolution!  More on that in next week’s posting…
  • Millennials Want Advice, Too – Check out this article about millennials and bank branches. While these younger consumers want to do their own homework on products and providers, they still need someone they can trust to provide authentic advice before they make a purchase. How is your society filling that need?
  • Mergers Make Sense – Mutual banks are looking for a “third way” to preserve their independence and integrity without being forced to sell to larger competitors. Read this entire article and tell me if the same issues don’t ring true for fraternals. Is the concept of a “merger of equals” on your radar screen?

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  1. Terrific stuff as always, Joe. The times they are a changin’

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