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The best posts come straight from the heart…

I receive many positive comments on my blog posts from members.  Some folks like the “right between the eyes” nature of my opinions on the value and vulnerability of the fraternal model.  Others tend to appreciate my book recommendations or random thoughts on the best Grateful Dead songs every recorded.  I love to hear from you because at least that means you’re reading my posts!  And I find it particularly heartwarming to learn that more and more societies are creating blogs to share information with their members.

Whether it’s the blogs I read or the blogs I write, the best posts come straight from the heart.  And I’d like to share a post from Hermann Sons President and CEO Buddy Preuss that was sent to me by Jennifer Cernosek, the society’s Member Engagement Director and a member of the Alliance’s “Grow Younger” Task Force.  I was deeply touched by Buddy’s story.  It takes more than a little courage to share something this personal.  But it demonstrates the incredible compassion of Buddy himself, the Hermann Sons community, and the fraternal system.  Not surprisingly, Jennifer said that this post is proving to be exceptionally well received by the society’s members, especially young adults.

Thanks to Buddy for writing this and to Jennifer for sharing it.  I hope you find it as inspirational as I did…


4 Responses

  1. What terrible news for the Preuss family. My heart goes out to them. This can be a good time of year talk about the gift of life insurance and becoming a member of a supportive and family-oriented fraternal program.

  2. Buddy, thanks for sharing your family’s story. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Katie, and your families. It is a message that is so important for young people.

  3. Joe, thanks for sharing my story. I am touched by everyone’s thoughts and prayers. Katie and I hope that her message will motivate others to talk to those they love and take the necessary steps to protect their family today.

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