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Winning Is About Getting the Right Players in Your Line-Up (Go Cubs!)

This week we hear from Guest Blogger and Alliance Executive Vice President Allison Koppel

wrigleyOur fraternal benefit societies are a special group of life insurers, and we are stronger together than we are alone on many fronts. This uniquely applies to the power of the collective information and data that we all keep that, when shared, provide valuable insights into how we do business. Since the Alliance is one of very few trade associations serving fraternals, it makes sense that we use the close ties the Alliance staff has with home office employees to gather data that no one else could. We know you, and you know us – by face and by name – and that makes our information gathering success rate much higher than in other organizations.

At the first ever Alliance Spring Symposium in May of 2017, the Business Operations track (one of five running concurrently) will devote one of their six sessions to share and digest information from a survey that will be sent out later this year which will collect data on your staff and board compensation and employee benefit practices. Sometimes comparing fraternals is tricky since your home offices are big and small in size, and located in rural, suburban and urban settings. Despite this, we feel strongly that providing you with results will help societies better plan for the future by understanding what it takes to recruit the right talent. The challenges facing fraternals are not getting less complicated. Just the opposite is true, and society executives need to ask themselves if they have the right people “in the house” to help prepare their society for the future. If not, how are you going to attract talented people to your society? Being wonderful individuals and community-service minded in both spirit and actions will only go so far.

On a related note, our Grow Younger Task Force wants to create and send a survey to all of your younger (35 and younger) employees to determine what they want out of their work life experience. How will they rank salary, health insurance, vacation time, healthy snacks in the kitchen or a stand-up desk in terms of what is needed to keep them satisfied? This survey will ask all sorts of questions that will help members get at the core of attracting the type of person you need in your home office…the millennial. You cannot survive without understanding them and hiring them.

michael-and-allisonAll this time-consuming survey work will be completed by the Alliance with the help of – get ready for it – an intern! We have been preaching to members the benefits of hiring an intern to help with a myriad of fraternal projects for years, and we have finally taken our own advice. Meet Michael McFerran, a recent college grad who is getting his masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology and lives in a nearby town. It didn’t take too much effort to find Michael; I sent out about 20 emails to my network of friends, neighbors and association colleagues asking if they knew of any recent college grads who might want to explore an open position. Michael heard about the opening and a few weeks later we have an extra set of eyes and ears for various projects. And we have the input of an eager person whose undergraduate and graduate studies focus on human resources. It was fortuitous that the Alliance has several projects on which Michael can provide his feedback, and we ask that our members give him a big fraternal welcome and answer his requests for survey data! Please feel free to reach out to Michael at mmcferran@fraternalalliance.org and say hello.

If you have thoughts on meaningful surveys the Alliance can conduct, or if you’d like to share your experiences on hiring interns, please comment on this blog or send me an email to akoppel@fraternalalliance.org.

One Response

  1. I’m very interested to see those survey results too! As a tech company in a tech town, we know it takes a little something extra to bring new talent in the door…and keep them. We recently implemented an Open PTO policy and it’s been working out very well.

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