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Brave the shave…

From first grade through twelfth, the rules on hair length in the Catholic schools I attended were abundantly clear: no hair touching the ears or the collar, and no facial hair of any kind. And as many of you know, on the day I graduated from high school I made a solemn promise never to cut my hair or shave again – ever.

young Joe

I admit that I waivered on the shaving part over the next four years, always keeping some sort of facial hair but stopping short of the ZZ Top look.

Now, however, I gladly “brave the shave” every year about this time, going temporarily bald for the most worthy of causes: the St. Baldrick’s Foundation for children’s cancer research.

St. Baldricks

Why am I shaving for the 3rd consecutive year?

  • Because Alliance members inspire me to give back. My schedule sometimes precludes me from participating in community service activities, but this is one way that I can fulfill the fraternal mission without simply writing a check.
  • Because, thanks to your generosity, the fraternal community contributed nearly $12,000 to the more than $38 million that the St. Baldrick’s Foundation raised last year, allowing it to fund more pediatric cancer research grants than any institution other than the U.S. government.
  • Because progress is being made. Dr. Peter Adamson, chairman of the Children’s Oncology Group, puts it this way: “We are entering an era of unbelievable scientific discovery. But if we don’t turn these discoveries into cures, we will have failed another generation of children.”

You can count on your donation being used effectively and responsibly to fund research to find cures and give survivors long and healthy lives.

So, that’s why I am again asking for your generous support on my soon-to-be-bald head. You can give directly HERE or by phone at 888-899-BALD. Credit cards are the easiest way to give, or you can send a check payable to “St. Baldrick’s Foundation” to me at the Alliance home office. This year I’ll be shaving it all off at the American Fraternal Alliance’s Executive Summit at the W Hotel in downtown Chicago. If you are feeling REALLY generous, you can join me and “brave the shave” yourself. I guarantee that it will be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do.

Please help give other families’ stories a happy ending. Whether you are a first-time contributor or one who has been with us in supporting this cause for years, I truly appreciate your support. Thank you!

2 Responses

  1. Not only am I happy to support you again this year, but also so grateful that there’s hope for my son who has vowed the same as you did years ago…

  2. Hair can always be cut. It’s the tattoos that concern me — they’re forever and that eagle on your forearm is almost certainly going to look like roadkill someday…

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