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10 reasons I can’t wait for the Alliance Annual Meeting next month in Phoenix…

  1. Bob Cialdini’s keynote address – I’ve read several of his books, Influence being the most recent. And his research-tested tactics have improved almost every facet of my business and personal life (including a couple I use successfully at home). Can’t wait to hear him in-person – as long as I can figure out a way to keep my spouse out of this session so my negotiation tricks are not exposed…
  2. Branding campaign update – Wait till you learn what the latest research says about the power of the fraternal model, the words that effectively communicate that power, and the potential for your society to create a brand that resonates with consumers across all demographics. DO NOT MISS THIS SESSION!
  3. Saying “Soul Pancake” in front of an audience – That’s the name of the media and entertainment company that our Thursday keynoter – Shabnam Mogharabi – heads up. Media and entertainment at a fraternal meeting? That’s right. Because we need to find ways to use media platforms to enhance our members’ experience. This ain’t your momma’s Annual Meeting…
  4. Apollo 13 – The Workshop on strategic planning will use the Apollo 13 exercise (“Here are the tools available to the crew; figure out a way to keep them alive and bring them home…”) that you can use with your board and management teams as soon as you return. Will your society splash down safely or bounce off the Earth’s atmosphere into oblivion???
  5. DOL Workshop – The compliance issues related to the DOL fiduciary rule seem to change every day. The only thing certain is that ignorance of them is no excuse for non-compliance. That’s why we’ve assembled an incredible panel of experts and are running this session twice so that every society will be able to learn the latest…
  6. Future Forum – A roundtable session where CEOs of Alliance member societies will be able to discuss with the Board the reasons for the decision to restructure the organization, the transition timeline for the reorganization, and the impact that the new operational model will have on members. Your chance to learn and express your views on this significant Board decision.
  7. Innovation Forum – We’ll turn over the program to the young professionals in your organizations and have them address workplace issues you may not even know about – but should!
  8. Regulator Panel – This one won’t be a snooze-o-rama. We’ve got the Ohio Insurance Director Jillian Froment, the Deputy Director of Wisconsin JP Wieske, and the never-too-shy-to- express-her-opinion Jaki Gardner, former Deputy Director of Minnesota and former fraternal CEO. Add issues like solvency, governance, receivership, and liquidation; stir gently, BOOM!
  9. M&A Panel – I’m just gonna’ come out and say it. Half of the Alliance’s current member societies should be taking a hard look at some sort of consolidation strategy – merger, acquisition, shared services – as a part of their long-term sustainability strategy. This workshop will explore how you can incorporate this option into your planning process, and provide valuable insight on how to value your current operations and determine what potential merger partners make most sense for your organization.
  10. The cool evening breezes of Phoenix in September – OK, it’s going to be hot – probably really hot.  But it’s a dry heat, right? Look, we don’t have any meetings outside, the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass has a terrific pool with lots of shade, and there is a casino just minutes away. It’ll be fine. Really. I promise…

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