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Lessons from Lions…

We've all heard of the Lions Club.  Many of us know them as the group that collects used eyeglasses for those who can't afford them.  I'll bet more than a few of you are active members of the club in your home town. 

The Lions are a service club, not a fraternal benefit society.  But like almost every membership organization in the U.S., they are struggling to adjust to societal changes that have resulted in a declining membership and a struggle to remain relevant to the next generation of members. There are many parallels between fraternals and the Lions, and there is much we can learn from them.

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10 Things I Learned at the Fraternal/Communications Sections Meeting…

The just-concluded Fraternal and Communications Sections Mid-Year Meeting was an eye-opener.  Most, if not all, of the speakers focused heavily on communicating with and selling products to the next generation of fraternal members – Gen X-ers (born between 1965-1979) and Millennials (born between 1980-2000).  If your society is planning on sticking around and staying relevant, the information presented during the Section meeting was absolutely invaluable.  Here’s a quick review of what I learned when it comes to the getting those 20- and 30-somethings involved in your organization:

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Joe’s Special

A little of this and a little of that with hopefully something that you might find interesting, enlightening, or outrageous.  As always, I welcome your comments and feedback.  Let’s keep the conversation going…

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What Can We Learn from the GOP?

Take a look at this article written by Bill Greener – a die-hard Republican and close friend of mine – that is currently posted on Salon.com.  It provides an objective and analytical look at the changes in the American electorate and their impact on the GOP’s chances to win future national elections.  The fact that it’s written by a “true believer” makes it even more credible, in my opinion.  I’ve known and worked with Bill for years.  He’s pragmatic, tough, and insightful.  And he knows how to win.  I’d be interested in your thoughts on the piece.  You can weigh in on them by adding your comments to this blog below.

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Continue Your Section Networking Online

Before you get away for the weekend, I would urge all of you who have participated in Section meetings over the past few weeks to not let the momentum established and the connections made at these meetings fade away.  Join the various social network groups NFCA has established on the Web site and keep the conversation going.  Keep lighting those candles by communicating with one another.  Who knows where it may lead?

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10 Revelations from the Fraternal & Communications Sections Meeting

Last week’s Fraternal & Communications Sections Mid-Year Meeting continued a series of well-attended Section meetings that featured enlightening speakers, engaged audience members, and enthusiastic roundtable discussions that didn’t just recite the long list of problems facing the fraternal system, but generated ideas on how participants – that’s you and me – can work together to stabilize the system in 2009 and expand the fraternal footprint in 2010.  Here are the ten revelations I took away from the meeting:

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